• Donations to fundraisers could be sustainable and reproducible?
  • Organizations could set up an online account that is optimized to run multiple simultaneous fundraising campaigns? 
  • You could have members (friends/family/donors/team)in each campaigns that post fun "team challenges" to social media


I would call myself both a social entrepreneur and a happy giver.  My wife and I give to our local church.  We sponsor two children in South America.  We’ve been monthly supporters for missionaries in Ecuador and Africa.  I’m chairman of the board of a non-profit organization that goes to the ends of the earth to highlighted incredible people and great organizations that are making a huge impact.  We go to YoungLife Banquets, and we buy goodies and kitchen gadgets from the neighborhood kids who are fundraising for their schools.  

And I bet that because you’re still reading this, you share my passion for making a difference.  You see that fundraising is a necessary tool to support those people and organizations that need it most.  But you want to maximize your limited resources in a way that provides the most awareness and direct impact to the cause.  We’ll me too, which is exactly why was started.  
While researching about crowdfunding, I noticed a big divide in the ever-growing world of online fundraising.  To one side there are fundraising platforms that are positioned well to fundraise for indie start-ups and niche products.  On the other side there are websites that do a great job focusing on fundraising for individual causes.  These causes are usually one-time events where someone would have a need, they would post their cause, raise their money, and the immediacy of their need would be resolved.
But what about the regional youth soccer club with 150 teams, where each team needs to raise money for dues, uniforms, gear, and travel expenses.  What about the church down the road that needs to run simultaneous fundraising campaigns for their summer youth camp, their short term missions teams, their food bank outreach, their medical clinic, and their capital campaign for a new sanctuary?   What about the city’s desperate need for a museum and a rec center?  
It was for these needs and countless more that FundSpot was born. can certainly help individuals as well as groups learn how to fundraise better.  FundSpot was strategically optimized to meet the immediate and ongoing fundraising needs of teams, groups, organizations, and YOU.



Our goal is to maximize your fundraising efforts utilizing the FundSpot platform.  FundSpot has been uniquely crafted and optimized from the ground up to help you get funded quickly and easily from leveraging social media and social sharing. 

FundSpot is the best fundraising system strategically optimized for large events, teams, groups, individuals and organizations such as Universities, Museums and Zoo's. The ability to set-up and manage multiple simultaneous fundraising campaigns with team members for each campaign under one "umbrella" is at the core of Fundspot. 

An example of this is a Museum fundraising for a large capital campaign of the course of three years.  Over the three years there will be many different fundraising events and that can all be managed by teams members utilizing the FundSpot platform. 

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