It’s actually very easy to set up your account and start one or more simultaneous campaigns. 


1)  CREATE YOUR MASTER ACCOUNT: Whether you are an individual, large organization, a small church, a sports club, a school district, etc., setting up the account is basically the same.  The account is a big-picture summary of who you are. Be thorough, and include a lot of content, images, and preferably even a video (The video doesn’t need to be professional to be compelling).  You must convince donors that 1) you and your cause are legitimate, and 2) you are the best recipient of donors’ limited resources.  The account level also is the bucket that controls the campaign(s), the credit card processing account, and all the funds. 

 2)  START 1 OR MORE ACTIVE CAMPAIGNS:  For each campaign you need to tell a compelling story about a specific event or cause, and how the donations will be used.  Whether you've got medical bills to pay, want to send your youth group kids to summer camp, purchase new soccer uniforms for your club sports team, or you want to challenge your friends to get healthy by running 10K events, FundSpot is an ideal way to get the word out and raise your much needed funds. The most important thing is to personalize your campaigns. Tug at heart-strings!  Tell your story using words, pictures, and especially video.  This is your chance to make your event or cause compelling and even urgent. Make sure to share your fundraising goals and what it would mean for you to reach your goal in your story. 

Many organizations choose to start multiple simultaneous campaigns.  A regional club sports association with 60 teams might need each team to raise funds for dues, uniforms, and travel expenses.  A local church could start campaigns for their youth summer camp, their mission trip to South America, their Christmas outreach, and to build a new children’s Sunday school wing. 

Want to give your campaign a shot of adrenaline?  By setting up challenges and milestones within the campaign, some or all of the members of a campaign agree to complete a task if a certain financial benchmarks are reached.  Donors love to give when they get something in return.   

 3)  INVITE OTHERS TO BECOME CAMPAIGN MEMBERS:  Share the load.  It’s more fun and way more powerful to invite others to participate.  If you are starting a campaign to send 200 kids to summer camp, then invite the kids and their parents to create profiles under the campaign.  Donors want to support real people.  Campaign members can set up their own profiles with content, photos and videos.  They can even create personal challenges & milestones. 

 4)  BROADCAST THE MESSAGE:  It's time to share your campaign(s) with the most people possible. 

The first and easiest way is to share a link to each of your campaigns on all of your social platforms. FundSpot has made this super easy. You and your campaign members just go to Social Settings and add your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social accounts.  In this way, your cause is seen by the most viewers possible, and may actually go "viral".  Further, FundSpot makes it easy for your friends and followers to post, retweet and share your story with their social circles as well. They can also sign up as additional team members to help promote your campaign. 

The second way is to send an auto-generated email template of your campaign(s) to everyone in your address book.  This goes for the account owner’s database and all of the campaign members.  We do the heavy lifting for this though by providing you a formatted, full color email template, pre-populated with your campaign details.  You and your members upload your email lists (gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail, .csv, .pst) to our secure server, and we send the emails for you.  Or you can take our template and send it yourself.  

For each campaign, FundSpot also provides a tool chest full of email templates, cards, fliers, posters, press releases, radio scripts, and more, that are already designed using your content and images.  Media outlets are always looking for current articles to publish.

 5)  MANAGE YOUR CAMPAIGN TO MAXIMIZE YOUR EFFORTS:  Each FundSpot user has a personal dashboard that clearly shows all Accounts, Campaigns, and Donations they’ve ever created or participated in, whether active or closed.  It's easy to start, stop, update, add to, repost and search.  You can also get Best Practices by using our Resource Database.