Not all funding platforms are created equal. FundSpot has been uniquely optimized from the ground up to help your team, club, or organization get funded quickly and easily. If you can order a book on Amazon, you can easily start your own FundSpot campaign today. If you've done fundraising in the past and still want to do car washes and bake sales, you still can.  Just link them to a FundSpot campaign, or run multiple campaigns for your group. It's all possible with Fundspot. Maximize your efforts within FundSpot to benefit from the power and leverage of social media and social sharing.

FundSpot is:

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Add it to your other fundraising efforts
  • All money raised goes to you, with no thresholds to meet

"The Crowdfunding industry is still in its infancy, and yet the industry is growing by over 400% per year. Online fundraising platforms have become the proven tool to raise funds for your passion."

Eric Payne